6 Easy Steps To Staging With Us

6 Easy Steps To Staging With Us

Professional home staging is an essential service for real estate agents looking to optimize their property listings and achieve quicker, more profitable sales. It helps potential buyers visualize themselves living in the home and highlights the property's best features. Here is our staging process from start to finish after the initial staging consultation

  1. Approval and Agreement:

Once the budget is approved and all parties agree on the scope of work, a formal agreement is signed, outlining the responsibilities, timelines, and payment terms. We collect a 50% deposit to hold the staging installation date (we are flexible on moving dates subject to availability). The remainder balance is due on the staging day at the end of our service. We accept all major credit cards, cash, and EMT. 

  1. Pre-Staging Preparation:

Before the actual staging begins, the homeowner completes the preparation recommendations outlined in the Presentation Enhancement Plan. We arrive on site to stage the property once the property is thoroughly cleaned by a professional cleaning company.

  1. Staging the Property:

On Staging Day, we arrive with our moving crew to get started. We ask that no one is present on site and there are no cars parked on the driveway so that we can quick and efficient. We stage the property according to the previously developed plan and add final touches (lighting adjustments and other details to make the property shine).

  1. Professional Photography:

High-quality professional photographs are taken of the staged property for use in marketing materials, including online listings and print advertisements. This is usually arranged by the real estate agent and ideally right after we finish our staging service.

  1. Marketing and Showings:

The real estate agent promotes the staged property through various marketing channels, such as online listings, brochures, and open houses. Staged homes by us tend to attract more potential buyers and can often sell faster. We often post behind the scenes footage to boost your marketing and cross promote with our agents. Being featured on our platform puts in you in front of a community of active agents across the GTA (we have a following of over 22K on Instagram!).

  1. De-staging:

Once the property is sold, the staging items are removed, and the property is returned to its original state or as per the agreement with the homeowner.