Why you should hire a stager for your Rental Property!

Why you should hire a stager for your Rental Property!

You can pay for prime location and key selling features. But if your property is not dressed to shine online, you're leaving thousands of dollars in profit on the table! In recent years, Canadian's have realized the importance of Home Staging and photography to attract dollars. In the last decade or so, staging a property is no longer an option, its a necessity to compete in Toronto's Hot Real Estate Market. But here's why investors hire experienced Home Stagers over interior decorators to furnish a rental property:

Staging is the business of attracting top dollar through presentation.

Interior Design focuses on personalizing the space to the individual. While Home Staging is well, interior marketing. We edit and elevate properties to create a buyers paradise. Whether its long term rental or vacation property, Stagers know how to put a client's dollars to work to achieve sales goals. Design for selling and design for living are very different. The best stager for your rental property or vacation home should have a strong portfolio for both!

Stagers know how to MAXIMIZE budget and help you decide where to spend your money for greater ROI.

This is the value we add to real estate through our on-site consultations (not to be confused with a consult that only quotes the job!). Its our job to educate a seller on where to spend their money to increase the value of their home. We know how to make small rooms look spacious. We know how to design nooks and corners showcasing extra potential. We know what upgrades yield greater ROI and are the most appealing to buyers. We can take a small (but realistic) budget and help you make informed decisions on where you can capitalize (ie. should I spend money on the backsplash or upgrade the knobs & handles?). 

Stagers know how to dish out designs faster than interior decorators and designers

This may not be a verifiable industry claim. But I can tell you for sure that my team and I have whipped properties into shape and have dished out full blown staging installations under 3 days. Granted, a design installation takes time because of stock availability (ie. getting sofas made etc.). But we know where to shop, know lots about product durability, are budget savvy, and always on trend. The staging world is time sensitive, we have to move quick, be conscious about spending, without compromising the design. This makes us eligible to the above claim.

We know how to make "more" out of "less"!

Agents can attest to this! Not everyone has a budget for staging, but know how incredibly valuable the service is to make money and sell fast. On the other hand, being a passionate creative means putting out work you're extremely proud to call yours. The game is your name. Over time, really good stagers get really good at making the most out of a design with small numbers to work with. Then the pandemic hit and well all had to work with stock shortages and rental odd ends to create designs without jeopardizing our brand image. Making "more" out of "less" is refined talent, and not a learned skill. 

 When its your home, you want to take your time to make it your home. But when its your investment, you want to make sure you're hiring an experienced interior marketing specialist (AKA professional home stager). Stalk their Instagram, read their reviews, and interview until you find the right one! In this market, you cant afford to team up with someone that's going to make costly mistakes (buy cheap furniture). 

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